Social media best practice is always changing, with new and existing channels evolving all the time. One thing that’s clear is that video is becoming a key player across the majority of social platforms, predominantly Facebook. As a result, many brands are tapping into this and consider it an important part of their social media marketing. But what makes a Facebook video successful? We explore this, along with an inside

Social has been – and still is evolving. Trends emerge, then they fade; but what’s important for marketers is knowing which channels of communication to watch, so they can be first on the scene when it becomes the next media sensation. No longer just a helpful tool for keeping in touch with distant friends and family, social media has grown at such a capacity over the last five years alone,

First there was the Coca Cola Christmas lorry, then the switch on of the London lights, fast followed by the John Lewis advert, all of which signaled the start of Christmas. But now, according to today’s press, it’s all about the Pret Christmas lunch, which begins the merriment and festivities. Twitter was alive with tweets about how the launch of Pret’s festive treats have begun the Christmas countdown. Office workers