January is a pretty miserable month. Goodbye Christmas festivities, hello baltic weather and pounds to shed. However, amid the gloom there is one thing we’re thrilled to welcome back with open arms. Move aside miniature Heroes, the Crème Egg’s back in town. Here’s 3 PR stunts that highlighted January for us. Cadbury’s: Crème Egg hunt Earlier this month, Cadbury’s announced some pretty egg-citing news. White chocolate lovers across the UK

If you work in a busy design, marketing or PR agency  you’ll know just how important it is to stay organised and do your best not to get too stressed out. I’m Sarah, a senior account manager at Lenny. It’s my job to ensure we stay on top of all the accounts and that our clients and colleagues are happy. Below are a few hints and tips that I hope

2018 has come around pretty quickly. With that comes a whole new year of social media trends, marketing ideas and new strategies to consider. We’ve done our research and here’s what’s predicted to occur in the social media marketing world in 2018. Influencer Marketing With 49% of Instagram/Twitter users relying on recommendations from influencers and the fact influencer marketing brings a 10x rise in conversion rates, there’s no wonder that