Hi there! I’m Silvia and it has been just over a month since I joined Lenny. After two years of university, it was time to leave the safety zone of the lecture halls behind and get my first taste of life in the big wide world of design! It all began with an interview… (insert dramatic music here). On arrival I was greeted by a cheerful bunch, smiling between boxes

It’s fair to say Snapchat has taken a bit of a beating in the press over the past 6 months. It’s been hard to avoid the headlines declaring the demise of the once hugely popular social app. This may be at the hands of the ever-favoured Instagram, as we first saw the drop in app downloads when Instagram added their story function back in August last year. *Cough copy cats

The power of video Youtube needs to watch out, there are a few new players in the video world. With the introduction of IGTV and Facebook Watch in the last few months, it’s clear that video is becoming a powerful and influential tool in the digital world. IGTV Earlier this year, Instagram launched IGTV, directly competing with YouTube and Snapchat. Simply click on the little TV icon in the top

WWF create fake luxury brand ‘Ivory Lane’ to anger the public against poachers Wildlife conservation charity WWF pulled a stunt in Singapore in August to highlight loopholes in their laws that still allow for the sale of ivory! They catfished the country through advertising a fake luxury pro-ivory brand which provoked a national outcry. While ivory imports were banned almost three decades ago, ivory that arrived in Singapore before 1990