A tried and tested way to reach the prime audience, influencers have a band of loyal followers, often in the millions. Beauty, fashion, fitness, cooking, gaming, or just purely motivational, there is an influencer for every specific. Some pets have even hit the big time. We love Lil Bub and Tuna. How some in particular have struck it lucky is likely down to years of persistence, developing engaging content, being

Over 3 billion people use social media all over the world, so it’s no wonder brands utilise the digital space to amplify events. It’s a great way to promote what’s coming up, drive conversation and ultimately increase ticket sales. It’s all about the planning To build a successful event you need to create a buzz around it. Don’t make assumptions around the social platforms you think your audience use, do

Harvey Nichols rebrands as Holly Nichols to celebrate women This month, the Harvey Nichols store in London has temporarily rebranded to Holly Nichols to support women in the workplace and launch the newly refurbished first floor. Everything from the external signage, shopping bags and social media platforms have been changed. The Group Marketing & Creative Director stated ‘We are incredibly excited to unveil our Holly Nichols campaign – a month of