We may be on the cusp of a national crisis. It’s November 14th, and the John Lewis ad is yet to surface. Set to launch its twelfth Christmas ad, we’re super excited to see how it will compare to years before. We were a little taken back when we realised this ad was released in 2011. It’s been rumoured that Elton John may feature in the ad, with a rendition

Trick or Treat With consumer spend on Halloween rising each year, it’s hardly surprising brands are going all out to capture attention. Last month the brand Marmite released two new limited-edition personalised Halloween jars; a ‘Halloween Trick’ to ‘petrify a marmite hater’ and A ‘Halloween Treat’ to ‘spoil a marmite lover’. The drinks brand Fanta also got on board and Londoners were given the Halloween heebie-jeebies as a giant creepy