The Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll Greggs seriously cashed in on ‘Veganuary’ by launching a vegan version of their most popular product – the sausage roll. Greggs rolled out the pastry snack in over half of their 1,850 nationwide stores, with the products selling out a break-neck speed. Gregg’s even turned criticism by Piers Morgan on its head to generate heaps of fresh publicity. Piers tweeted “Nobody was waiting for a vegan

What is viral video? We hear the term ‘going viral’ all the time in this industry. It’s the dream of all social media managers, brands and agencies alike, as well as those who want to rise to stardom with their 30 minutes of fame. Think the Walmart yodelling kid, “Damn, Daniel” and King Curtis. Only a matter of years ago, in order to go ‘viral’ a video only had to

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to pitching your client to journalists. You need to capture their attention quickly, craft an interesting story and ultimately secure some coverage! Below are a few top tips for sell in success:  Know your story Whether you’re pitching in a new member of the sales team, or a brand new kitchen utensil, make sure you know your product inside out. Print

We’re not even half way through the never ending month of January and the Christmas shopping bank-drain is really taking its toll pre-payday, the weather is cold and the days are short and our motivation to maintain those good intentions for the year ahead is at an all-time low.. but fear not, for this week’s blog we wanted to share our top tips on beating the January blues! Exercise? We

Maintaining a work life balance is so important. It’s all about separating your personal and professional lives without allowing one to encroach upon the other. Both are important, and neither should be neglected. A good work-life balance works wonders for mental health and personal wellbeing- a topic that is really prevalent at the minute. Being too consumed in your work 24/7 is not good for your mind. A great way