To honour International Women’s Day (8 March), we’ve put together a roundup of some of the world’s leading ladies who sure know how to market themselves, inspiring women of all backgrounds one way or another.

Angelina Jolie

Always one in the spotlight for her humanitarian work, Angie is a true figurehead for female empowerment. Her efforts to serve as a voice for those whose lives have been destroyed by the effects of war has seen her change her celebrity status into a force for good. She isn’t afraid to tackle challenges head on, from her relationship pitfalls to redefining perceptions on body image. Her inspiring  feat of courage when she spoke publically about her double mastectomy really helped solidify the message that women should never have to feel embarrassed or ashamed about changes to their bodies that can’t be helped. After all, she’s only human.

Emma Watson

Known and loved for her active campaigning for equal rights and of course for her role as Hermione Granger, Emma has cemented herself as an icon and has gained the trust of millennials across the globe. As a UN ambassador, Emma promotes equal rights and goodwill for both men and women with her involvement in the HeForShe movement.


Because the queen of everything womanhood stands for just HAD to make the cut. Cherishing/flaunting/loving who you are and what you have is Beyonce all over. Never one to shy away from bold outfit choices, Beyonce frequently defends backlash from people trying to shame her for her character. She is often championed for her dedication to promoting a healthy attitude towards our bodies. Her work ethic is a cut above the rest, and as a global sensation she is dedicated to perfection. Every project she works on is thoroughly considered and perfectly executed, as demonstrated in her efforts to celebrate black culture and tackle prejudice through to her stellar performances.

JK Rowling

The fact JK became the first writer EVER to become a billionaire from writing books is enough to land her on our list. The fact she then fell off the Forbes billionaires list for donating huge amounts of her cash to charities makes her iconic. JK regularly conducts motivational speeches, moving Tweets and empowering videos on how important it is to find your passion and follow your dreams. She too has been at rock bottom and her determination has helped her to build her empire. If that’s not dedication, we don’t know what is.

Taylor Swift

The highest paid female signer of all time ($44M) has mastered how to market herself remarkably well. From teasing fans with new music that entails weeks of speculation, deleting her social accounts and mustering up numerous conspiracies (such as “She’s being carried round in a crate to keep on the DL”), Taylor has nailed the art of mystery. She embraces her awkwardness, and we all can relate to that sometimes, in one way or another. She can’t dance and she knows it, but does that stop her? No way! In fact she shakes it off and does it more! This is exactly the kind of self-love spirit we need more of, encouraging young girls to be themselves.

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