We’re not even half way through the never ending month of January and the Christmas shopping bank-drain is really taking its toll pre-payday, the weather is cold and the days are short and our motivation to maintain those good intentions for the year ahead is at an all-time low.. but fear not, for this week’s blog we wanted to share our top tips on beating the January blues!

Exercise? We thought you said extra fries

Let’s face it, the novelty of your new gym regime is probably wearing thin by now, but  exercise is so important in improving your health and your mood through the release of the happy hormone serotonin. Regular exercise will also boost the positive results of all your healthy eating efforts – so keep going you got this!

Boost your mood with vitamin D

During these dark winter months, we probably aren’t getting our recommended daily dose of Vitamin D but we can top up our intake by including certain foods in our diet. Fortified cereals, dairy, eggs and oily fishes such as sardines and salmon are all great sources. Plus, along with improving your mood, topping up on vitamin D can help strengthen the immune system and keep bones healthy.

Be cautious with your comfort eating

Resorting to naughty foods for comfort? You’re not alone! At this time of year we all seem to have an exaggerated craving for carbs and junk food but these only lead to sugar highs followed by inevitable lows. Turn to complex carbs instead of white carbs and build a satisfying but also nutritious daily diet. Complex carbs are often slow releasing and will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Treat yo’self!

Psssst..it’s ok to have a day off! If we never allowed ourselves to eat the things we loved, life would be pretty boring and we’d probably bore everyone around us. It’s all about balance! designate days when you’ll treat yourself to a piece of cake or a portion of chips or have a couple of meals a week when you eat what you like without counting your calories!

And lastly, if your resolutions are unrealistic and no mood-boosting tip is doing the trick, you may need to take another look at your goals! Introducing a new challenge could give you the boost you need, but it is important to stay realistic as this will help you keep up the good work – to the end of January and beyond!

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