Recently we’ve been having some very special visits from some lovely canine friends, and we realised just how great the office atmosphere is when they are around. It got us thinking, what effect does bringing your pup to work have on your overall workplace?

Reduce Stress

It’s absolutely guaranteed. Playing with or petting a dog or a puppy will release stress-relieving hormones, making you feel more relaxed! These little fellas are calming influences and we should embrace it.

Positive Work Impact

Having a pooch running around being genuinely happy at anything and everything  (is that a chair leg? Amazing! Let me kiss it!), is certain to boost the office morale and in turn increase employee performance. If a dog can be so easily pleased by an empty water bottle, we can deal with getting through the day!

Positive Interactions

A furry friend will be sure to promote positive interactions. There’s no better conversation opener than walking past someone you’ve never really spoken to and suddenly you’re 10 minutes deep into a conversation about pedigree breeds and the best puppy parlours. Sandra from accounts may have never cracked a smile in your direction, but walk in with your pooch and you’ll see her on the floor cooing over the little guy.

Keep you active

If you’re normally in your seat 9-5 then this can be bad for your overall health. A dog is the perfect excuse to go out for walks and generally just roll about on the floor with them every so often. Completely normal.

And finally…

They’re damn cute!

It’s impossible to be unhappy when a pooch is around (unless of course, you’re allergic, in which case I feel for you).

Seriously, HOW CUTE?!



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