Love Island may have split the office (some lovers, some haters), but we one thing we like is that the contestants are using OXO’s tools. We sent a selection of OXO’s finest kitchen gadgets to the production team and have seen them widely used on set. The one pop and just can’t stop POP containers have made their villa debut and are proving to be a particular favourite because we

Last month was great fun for us on the British Ceramic Tile side. We were all about Clerkenwell Design Week, putting on a British themed event with our client. Installations are so overrated anyway… Our focus was on celebrating great British design and creating a range of different, fun events that would draw in the A&D community. We invited other British manufacturers from the kitchen, bathroom & interiors industries to

Well what an April! Spring has officially sprung and British summertime is just around the corner. This month we saw a playful month for PR and many big name brands once again marked the first of the month by pranking their followers with fake news, some more believable than others. Coca-Cola UK were reportedly launching three new flavours which included avocado, sourdough and charcoal, with the brand claiming they were

Yorkshire Day has got us thinking, and we can’t let the day pass without sharing some of the gems which make our great county one of the best places to live. Sarah Yorkshire Tea; PG Tips just won’t cut it. I also love that wherever you go you, you somehow come across a fellow Yorkie. You might be on the other side of the world in a tiny village, but

From Kevin the carrot, to Buster the Boxer we have seen a lot of all-singing, all-dancing Christmas adverts this year. Matt, our graphic designer takes us through his popular videos of 2016: Waitrose cleverly showcases the story of a Robin’s journey home for Christmas. Whilst Robins may appear on a lot on Christmas cards, I can’t remember that many showing up on TV adverts. The special effects are incredibly life-like

Social media best practice is always changing, with new and existing channels evolving all the time. One thing that’s clear is that video is becoming a key player across the majority of social platforms, predominantly Facebook. As a result, many brands are tapping into this and consider it an important part of their social media marketing. But what makes a Facebook video successful? We explore this, along with an inside

Social has been – and still is evolving. Trends emerge, then they fade; but what’s important for marketers is knowing which channels of communication to watch, so they can be first on the scene when it becomes the next media sensation. No longer just a helpful tool for keeping in touch with distant friends and family, social media has grown at such a capacity over the last five years alone,