Keeping up-to-date with trends in Graphic Design in this increasingly ‘transparent’ state of marketing is becoming a near-impossible task; with the evolution of new technology, and the benefits these updates bring, the modern consumer is quickly becoming aware of the tricks of the marketing trade – and in response, is relentlessly looking for authenticity amongst the brands they interact with. As a result of this, all brand engagement (whether it be

Video is a powerful tool in the social media stratosphere, one which connects brands with followers, and engages new fans at the same time. Facebook Live is a great tool which is starting to make its mark, allowing audiences to grow and learn new things. We tested the feature out this month with our client OXO Good Grips, using it to demo the New Chef’s Mandoline Slicer 2.0 and answer

Any brand or marketer knows by now that social media isn’t going away. Having a presence on the correct platforms is undeniably necessary to be successful, however simply having a presence isn’t alone enough. In an ever-changing industry it’s important to keep up to date and stay ahead. In the past few years we’ve seen the rise in popularity of instagram, sharing GIFs and videos, unique snapchat filters and sponsored

Our Senior PR Executive Olivia talks about what it’s really like starting out in the PR industry… In the frantic mad dash between leaving uni and getting on your feet it feels like you’re out of a routine for a long time. Competition for jobs in PR is fierce, so you need enthusiasm in spades and a real passion for what you’re doing. The jobs are few and far between

Our Junior Designer Nathan highlights the importance of exploring your own design style… Since entering into Higher Education, I have always been taught to avoid adapting a series of constraints with regards to the aesthetic choices made within my design works; if every designer in the world were to simply conduct their works in a singular style without letting up, it is effectively guaranteed that they will not continue development