When asked what we do in PR, we always have to take a moment to think how to can best answer. Reporting, writing, client management, creative thinking and all the other day-to-day tasks come to mind, but really it all comes down to media relations and pitching. The bulk of the job is all about maintaining close relationships with press. Press and PRs have a mutual need for one another.

Another month has quickly flashed before our eyes and April is literally just around the corner, but March didn’t disappoint when it comes to PR stunts. Here’s 3 of our favourites… Electoral Commission – Got 5? In an effort to encourage people to register to vote in the May elections without scaring them on what may happen if they don’t vote, Electoral Commission took a softer approach. In their new

With over 800 million active users, there’s no question that this platform is the social place to be. Here’s the latest of what’s going down on Instagram. Stories 300 millions users are active on Instagram Stories, so it would be silly for any brand to not be attempting to utilise these. The platform recently rolled out new types available on the story, and also the option to share just text

Want to develop your career with social media and PR? The Lenny Agency is looking for a fantastic individual to join its team as a PR & Social Media Account Executive in a full time role. A boutique design and PR agency based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, we look after the consumer and B2B PR for a wide range of fantastic household brands including OXO Good Grips, the international kitchenware

A large responsibility of being a graphic designer is being able to establish a strong identity on behalf of a brand, which represents its core values effectively and concisely. A common misconception within the graphic design industry is that this can be established solely through the implementation of an effective logo, which looks “pretty” and keeps in line with contemporary design trends. Since stepping into higher education, it has been

To honour International Women’s Day (8 March), we’ve put together a roundup of some of the world’s leading ladies who sure know how to market themselves, inspiring women of all backgrounds one way or another. Angelina Jolie Always one in the spotlight for her humanitarian work, Angie is a true figurehead for female empowerment. Her efforts to serve as a voice for those whose lives have been destroyed by the

We welcomed the month of pancakes and love with open arms after the cold freeze of January, and were very happy to find out that a few new Big Macs were in town! Here are our favourite 3 PR stunts that rocked February. McDonalds: 50th anniversary of the Big Mac To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac, the fast food giant launched two new limited edition burgers, and

Recently we’ve been having some very special visits from some lovely canine friends, and we realised just how great the office atmosphere is when they are around. It got us thinking, what effect does bringing your pup to work have on your overall workplace? Reduce Stress It’s absolutely guaranteed. Playing with or petting a dog or a puppy will release stress-relieving hormones, making you feel more relaxed! These little fellas

Are you a PR/Marketing/Journalism student looking for a work placement? Or are you just someone interested in experiencing agency life? Then this role might be perfect for you! We’re looking for a work placement student to join the Lenny PR team. The Junior Account Executive will be an essential part of the team, reporting directly to the Account Manager and Managing Director.   Role responsibilities: Management and issuing of press

January is a pretty miserable month. Goodbye Christmas festivities, hello baltic weather and pounds to shed. However, amid the gloom there is one thing we’re thrilled to welcome back with open arms. Move aside miniature Heroes, the Crème Egg’s back in town. Here’s 3 PR stunts that highlighted January for us. Cadbury’s: Crème Egg hunt Earlier this month, Cadbury’s announced some pretty egg-citing news. White chocolate lovers across the UK