If you’re in the marketing, advertising or PR world you will have come across the words, “experiential marketing” (don’t worry if you haven’t, but you will certainly have seen examples of it) and will know the importance of the growing trend.

The process involves marketing a product or service through experiences to connect with customers, and ignite an emotional attachment and close bond to the brand. If a brand makes someone feel positive, they are more likely to associate those emotions with the company. The idea is to form that memorable connection, and influence purchasing decisions in the long run.

Think about it like this, rather than seeing those forced paid-for adverts on your newsfeed, you’re encouraging customers to actively get involved with the brand in a fun and interesting way. There have been many great examples, but our favourites include a pop-up shop in central London from Adidas and the local supermarket stunts from Disney.


Lenny top tip: If you’re doing this kind of marketing, using influencers is a good6016 move, they will give the experience lots of exposure, reaching thousands of fans resulting in a lot of regrams, shares and retweets.

In April of this year we helped British Ceramic Tile spread the word about National Tile Week, with an experiential marketing strategy of our own. The nationwide campaign celebrating the best of British design and manufacture kicked off with a pop-up event in Covent Garden, with a launch event hosted by Julia Kendell, known for her work on DIY SOS and 60 Minute Makeover.

The aim of the event was to show consumers, press and retailers the endless possibilities with tiles. To demonstrate this, a series of tiled benches were on display at the venue. From a very British union jack pattern, and vibrant multi-coloured option, to an oily marble effect and the favourite – a beautiful golden throne. Everyone who visited was invited to have pictures taken on the benches, and enter a competition to win a luxury stay for two in London.



It resulted in the company’s biggest sales month for the year, 30 pieces of coverage, and reached over 1.5 million people with a positive sentiment.

We gifted the throne to This Morning a few months later for a showbiz segment with Rylan Clarke, generating great exposure in a place you’d never expect to see tiles.


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