Our Junior Designer Nathan highlights the importance of exploring your own design style…

Since entering into Higher Education, I have always been taught to avoid adapting a series of constraints with regards to the aesthetic choices made within my design works; if every designer in the world were to simply conduct their works in a singular style without letting up, it is effectively guaranteed that they will not continue development and refinement over time. It is for this reason that I take joy from looking at designs and works of fellow creative minds like myself, (no matter how bizarre and abstract they may seem) and use this as inspiration for my own practice.

This form of diverse research can trigger a thought-process, and lead to one of my most enjoyed stages of design – experimentation. Since I personally work a lot with illustration and iconography, this method of production proves to be invaluable – sampling techniques you might not have even considered previously (in addition to tailoring said techniques to the project at hand) can lead to a development in one’s personal design style, and therefore evolve your outlook and approach to new projects.

Following this experimentation, you can begin to refine and manipulate the techniques at hand to suit the brief in question; changing up a brand’s aesthetic through such development (no matter how small) will likely capture the attention of your client, and entice them to choose something they might not have considered previously.

Each of these stages collates to form the most essential part of a creative’s work – the process. Without the process, experimentation and refinement will not take place, and this lack of development will likely reflect in the quality of the final output.

Speaking strictly as a student, I personally find this style development to be essential since it evokes a sense of enjoyment and enthusiasm behind my designs – in addition to making me a much more rounded designer and illustrator. Such development can take place as a result of attending events, workshops, and classes. One of my personal developments took place as a result of attending a networking event hosted in Manchester, where creative minds working in the industry would share their own experiences, and present some of their works to inspire others. Following this, the attendees would then be free to share their own expertise with one another, thus opening up the possibilities with regards to one’s design style.

The main reason that I chose to pursue a career in the creative industry was due to the fact that I wanted to enjoy my working days, and have fun! My outlook on the matter at hand is that even if the output is unsuccessful, or it isn’t appropriate for the brief in question (more often than not following a frustratingly long amount of time spent working on it), experiment and enjoy what you do and you can’t go wrong – the sky’s the limit.

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