Yorkshire Day has got us thinking, and we can’t let the day pass without sharing some of the gems which make our great county one of the best places to live.


Yorkshire Tea; PG Tips just won’t cut it. I also love that wherever you go you, you somehow come across a fellow Yorkie. You might be on the other side of the world in a tiny village, but you’ll somehow find someone who knows what a snicket is.


Being a dog owner, I like that you’ll never be far away from the  countryside. Walk for 10 minutes and you’re in a meadow, or on a weekend travel a little further and go to Malham or Hebden Bridge to walk along the Craggs. We also (generally) have good banter, which makes day-to-day life that bit better.


We have our own language that no one beyond the borders understands. And obviously there’s the chips and gravy, which everyone needs to experience!


It’s pretty easy to get to places, the M62 is both a blessing and a nightmare. I mean this only if you’re travelling by car; if you’re using public transport you might be waiting for an hour for a bus.


As a serious foodie it has to be the cheese and the beer… and the tea, and the ice cream, and the Yorkshire puddings, and the Parkin…


The lovely accents! East, North, West – they all sound different. The countryside is great too, we have some beautiful scenery – there’s a reason why so many TV shows have been filmed here!




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