Another month has quickly flashed before our eyes and April is literally just around the corner, but March didn’t disappoint when it comes to PR stunts. Here’s 3 of our favourites…

Electoral Commission – Got 5?

In an effort to encourage people to register to vote in the May elections without scaring them on what may happen if they don’t vote, Electoral Commission took a softer approach. In their new campaign Got 5?, they focus on the positives of how easy it is to simply register.

Their tagline Got 5? focuses on the certain times of a day where a person may have a spare 5 minutes, for example when running a bath or boiling the kettle. These are times that might not be considered as a spare 5 minutes, but as you stand and do nothing you could use that time to register to vote.

First Choice – #BraggageRights

An ingenious way to make any PR stunt successful is to work with a not-quite celebrity celeb, or 2, such as Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay. Hugely popular at the moment after their stint on Love Island, Chris and Kem were recruited by First Choice to become their new ‘braggage handlers’.

After recent research showing that Brits don’t want to look like their bragging when they overshare holiday pics, First Choice created ‘braggage rights’ and the ‘license to brag’, encouraging tourists to document their holidays by sharing pictures of new experiences and not your typical ‘hotdogs or legs’ pics.

With Chris and Kem being sent to Mexico in  their new roles, a short video and a landing page on their website asked people to vote for their favourite braggage handler. This brought in over 2000 votes, with Chris winning by 300. Go Chris.

Novotel – Extra Hour

The start of British Summer means one thing, a day of complaints about losing one hour of sleep when the clocks went forward. Novotel, being a popular hotel, took this in their stride and turned it into a simply yet effective PR stunt.

Novotel Hotels UK announced that they were going to give back the hour lost to their guests by letting them checkout at 1pm instead of the usual midday. They expressed that they didn’t want guests to lose any precious sleep and wanted them to have a more relaxed and comfortable start to their day.

Very sweet, Novotel, there should be more hotels like you.

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