The Good Ship Ikea

Two Ikea bath boats were used to clear rubbish from the Thames to mark the Greenwich store launch last week. As part of the big London clean up, Ikea partnered with the Creekside Education Trust to get local families involved during half term. At the end of the eco-scheme the rubbish removed will be upcycled into a unique sculpture that will greet visitors who visit the Greenwich store.

Ford launches anti “mattress hogging” bed

Ford has used innovative car technology to help couples get a good night’s sleep with a unique new bed. Using their lane assist technology, the internal mechanism rolls restless sleepers back into place on their side of the bed as soon as they trigger the bed’s pressure sensors. There are no plans to put the bed on sale just yet, but you never know!

World Record Egg part of mental health campaign 

The infamous world record egg caught everyone’s attention on Instagram, and became the most liked post on the social platform. Over the course of a few posts cracks started appearing, and it was revealed that the egg was part of a mental health initiative. An animated video showcased that the pressure of its social media popularity was the cause of the cracks. What a great way to spread the word, and help those struggling to speak out and seek help.

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