January is a pretty miserable month. Goodbye Christmas festivities, hello baltic weather and pounds to shed. However, amid the gloom there is one thing we’re thrilled to welcome back with open arms. Move aside miniature Heroes, the Crème Egg’s back in town. Here’s 3 PR stunts that highlighted January for us.

Cadbury’s: Crème Egg hunt

Earlier this month, Cadbury’s announced some pretty egg-citing news. White chocolate lovers across the UK rejoiced as the chocolatier gave the creamy variation the recognition it deserves by launching limited edition white chocolate Crème Eggs.

But that’s not all, Cadbury’s is even offering people the chance to win up to £2,000 if they find one of the 35 lucky eggs. Win, win! A great PR stunt to kick-start 2018, getting customers out and about with a real life egg hunt.

Captain Birdseye: from silver sailor to silver fox

This month, we were introduced to the 2018 Captain Birdseye, and he’s had quite the transformation. Swapping his traditional nautical blues for a much more casual ‘sailing on a Sunday’ get-up, the signature figurehead is looking a lot more hip. Quite a different kettle of fish to what we’re used to, but it’s nice to see an old favourite moving with the times.

IKEA: Urine for a surprise

Always one to pull the stops out with creative campaigns, IKEA are known for their fun, engaging approach to advertising… but it must be said, they are really taking the p*ss this time.

In their latest bid to spark our interests, the Swedish furniture company has launched a unique concept in the style of an advert-come-pregnancy test. Two things you’d never put side-by-side, the company placed their adverts in Swedish magazine, Amelia – asking readers to urinate on the page to reveal a secret code.

It’s not all bonkers though, as readers who take a positive test can use the code to gain discount on baby furniture. Not only will it save you some cash on buying a test, but also you’ve bagged yourself a stylish new nursery at a fraction of the cost. Clever. Gross, but clever.

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