Keeping up-to-date with trends in Graphic Design in this increasingly ‘transparent’ state of marketing is becoming a near-impossible task; with the evolution of new technology, and the benefits these updates bring, the modern consumer is quickly becoming aware of the tricks of the marketing trade – and in response, is relentlessly looking for authenticity amongst the brands they interact with.

As a result of this, all brand engagement (whether it be good or bad) has become crucial – because the moment a consumer feels a brand lacks genuine promise and values, they will likely dismiss any correspondences/marketing attempts made for the foreseeable future. Speaking from my current knowledge of design, I have found that the best solution to earning brand engagement is simplicity; ditch the complicated layouts (and illegible small-print) and make one’s content interesting. Some of the trends that I have adapted to include abstract use of typography, increased use of bespoke iconography (that doesn’t look like it’s been pulled from a web-template), and imagery that portrays genuine moments rather than staged scenes that lack narrative. Implementation of such trends will make your brand stand out amongst the crowd (especially from those using four different fonts on a singular design!).

Some additional trends that I have encountered more recently include:


Utilising a simplistic layout which exhibits a clear grid-structure is more likely to engage a consumer than a complex design, which could be confusing.

Bold typography

As marketing is becoming increasingly integrated into every process we conduct, it is crucial to capture a reader’s attention in less than a second – use of bold typography is more likely to draw someone in, than use of small body copy which blends into one’s Facebook newsfeed.

Use of vibrant colours

Bold colour schemes will likely draw one’s attention – though having said this, reduction to a simple black-and-white palette could gain similar results, via the presentation of an ‘edgy’ and ‘cool’ brand aesthetic.


The modern consumer wants everything, and they want it now (to paraphrase Veruca Salt); if you manage to gain one’s interest by publishing interesting content and wish to link to the core-website, this should be accessible at the touch (or swipe) of a finger. Anything beyond this is ‘effort’, and much less likely to encourage engagement and the sales that could follow.

Use of shapes

Following this trend of simplicity, brands can introduce fun patterns through use of basic geometry – very often utilsing the aforementioned vibrant colour schemes in the process.

Implementation of a story

Subtlety of marketing can also work in favour of the brand – by telling a story through organic placement of the product in question, the consumer is more likely to engage. (see AirBNB link…

By utilising any one of the above trends (and an infinite amount that extend beyond this), content that is published will continue to grow and become exciting – and will eventually render false brand fronts unacceptable in the marketing industry – contributing to the progression to a completely transparent marketplace.

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