The Christmas celebrations are just around the corner, and the Lenny team couldn’t be more excited. It’s a season filled with gift giving, fun and family but what does Christmas really mean to us?

Emma: Time with family. It’s the one time of the year you get to celebrate and come together with friends and family. It’s also a truly magical time for the boys and I love watching them enjoy every minute of Christmas.

Helen: Sprouts, The Snowman and buffets!

Silvia: Spending time with family and friends, surprising loved ones with gifts, getting all glittery and eating too many mince pies with no remorse.

Craig: A time when you can switch off from everyday life and just be grateful for the love and happiness of your family. Seeing the joy on your children’s faces as they open their presents.

Olivia: It’s a time for giving, I love thinking of the perfect present for someone and waiting for them to open it. Also can’t beat Christmas dinner having everyone around the table

Sarah: For me it’s all about Christmas films, spending time with family and seeing that smile on someone’s face when they open the present you got them.

Matt: To me, Christmas means tree lights, that lovely Christmas tree smell, mulled wine, wrapping presents with a glass of port and a mince pie, Christmas films and Christmas songs, Christmas jumpers and getting together with family and playing charades 🙂 I also still love opening a Cadburys advent calendar everyday in December!

Chloe: Christmas to me means spending time with all my family, playing games, sharing gifts and eating and drinking ALL day long completely guilt free!


Merry Christmas everyone! Love team Lenny x



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