A tried and tested way to reach the prime audience, influencers have a band of loyal followers, often in the millions. Beauty, fashion, fitness, cooking, gaming, or just purely motivational, there is an influencer for every specific. Some pets have even hit the big time. We love Lil Bub and Tuna.

How some in particular have struck it lucky is likely down to years of persistence, developing engaging content, being entertaining, inspiring and exceptionally good at what they do. What matters is their value now, and seeing how their influence can grow day by day. Unlike celebrities, fans trust what influencers say as they are still seen as normal people, giving them the power to shape people’s buying habits without it being blatantly obvious. Two months ago, Mrs Hinch was a regular cleaning mad Instagrammer. Since then she has skyrocketed and accumulated almost 1M followers. She claimed to have increased by 17,000 in one day alone, and all from people joining the (hashtag)HinchArmy movement, hooked on watching her cleaning frenzy stories about Dave the duster and Vera the mop.

We’re currently working with mega-mum of three, Mrs Meldrum for OXO Tot and the very talented baker-come-chef-come-student Izy Hossack for OXO. Below are our tips for when it comes to choosing your influencer and getting the results your brand needs:

  • It’s key that any influencer’s audience fits within the remit of the brand. Age, gender, location could all play a big part but mainly it’s all down to interests.
  • Gather stats on their platforms to see where they are strongest. If the brand is seeking video content, don’t look for someone with a strong Facebook following. Instead find those with strong YouTube presence and regularly uploads to Insta stories
  • Link up. Add links wherever you can. YouTube descriptions, Insta bios, swipe ups. The more, the better chance of click throughs to the website.
  • Keep it informal and chatty, get to know the person you’re working with and it will be sweeter for everyone involved!
  • Measure the traction from their posts and if something’s not working as well as it could be, seek to fix it before the next set of content goes live. Adapt your strategy where it’s needed!

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