We welcomed the month of pancakes and love with open arms after the cold freeze of January, and were very happy to find out that a few new Big Macs were in town! Here are our favourite 3 PR stunts that rocked February.

McDonalds: 50th anniversary of the Big Mac

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac, the fast food giant launched two new limited edition burgers, and embarked on a big marketing campaign to support the delicious additions to the menu. The brand transformed London Waterloo’s Imac Cinema into a giant Big Mac, and created an advert, taking viewers through the history of the popular burger.

Late Rooms: #GetARoom

Not one to shy away from making a statement, the hotel brand created noise on Valentine’s Day by creating ‘Fake News’ online videos to encourage people to share the most cringeworthy public displays of affection. It’s all about online engagement, and the brand created lots of noise with consumers – job well done!

Three billboards outside Westminster

An unknown group of activists paraded three trucks through central London calling for justice over the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Drawing inspiration from the award-winning film, Three Billboards, campaigners drew attention with their powerful protest and received coverage across the Daily Mail, The Guardian, Telegraph, Metro and Independent to name a few.

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