Hi there! I’m Silvia and it has been just over a month since I joined Lenny.

After two years of university, it was time to leave the safety zone of the lecture halls behind and get my first taste of life in the big wide world of design! It all began with an interview… (insert dramatic music here).

On arrival I was greeted by a cheerful bunch, smiling between boxes and boxes of OXO products. Having the chance to meet the whole team made me feel so welcome – it was hard not to already imagine my life as part of the crew! I’m sure you can picture my excitement when I received the good news the following morning. Since then so much has happened, where do I begin?!

My first day in the office flew by. A week turned into two and by my third week Lenny was relocating to a brand-new office. With so many changes and a workload growing by the minute, I was straight in the deep end! Luckily, the support and patience of my mentors has helped me stay afloat and I’ve quickly settled into my new role. With their guidance, I’m busy learning something new every day; improving skills and confidence in my own abilities. Within this month I’ve felt myself become much quicker with InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. I even had the chance to get creative with After Effects on some Project Breakout motion graphics! Client interaction is another aspect of the role which I’ve been enjoying. Whether it is meeting with members of Leeds University’s marketing team or pushing myself to answer that daunting first phone call, these opportunities remind me that a designer’s role does not stop at an InDesign file!

Perhaps the most encouraging experience so far has been working alongside such a lovely group of people who really do take care in the little things. Whether its an offer of a warm brew on a rainy morning or getting together to indulge in a bit of a cheeky lunch on Lenny’s weekly Fat Fridays (shhh)!

I’m confident that there is a lot to look forward to this year and, with such an awesome team, I’m excited for the challenges ahead! 🙂

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