Social has been – and still is evolving. Trends emerge, then they fade; but what’s important for marketers is knowing which channels of communication to watch, so they can be first on the scene when it becomes the next media sensation.

No longer just a helpful tool for keeping in touch with distant friends and family, social media has grown at such a capacity over the last five years alone, that we have seen a multitude of new platforms have sprung from the woodwork, each with a desire to make it big like Facebook. It’s funny to think that pre 2010, we never knew what a filter was (by virtue of Snapchat and Instagram), nor would we be able to tell you what ‘board’ you were meant to stick a ‘pin’ to.

Along with platform growth, the past half-decade has seen a phenomenal increase in the rate of people engaging across all them. The youngest among the big players, Snapchat, has set the bar high for others with an incredible 6,944,444 videos watched every MINUTE. That’s 9,999,999,360 videos a day… On the other hand, users of the veteran channel, Facebook, still share 3 million posts each minute. Who said Facebook has had its time?

So with all this in mind, how exactly do you continue to stay on top of your game? We’ve put together a round up of our ones-to-watch in 2017.


It can be hard to use emojis if you are publishing from anything other than a hand-held device, but recent studies suggest 84% of female and 75% of male emoji users believe that emojis reflect their mood better than words With 25-29 year olds being the most dominant users, it’s good to remember this statistic next time you want to appeal to that particular age group.


It seems the world’s gone drone mad, they are everywhere. Have you ever considered the potential of drones? They have the power to provide much more than footage of your neighbour’s back yard – drones can actually bring the millennial market direct to your brand. While drones are still a novelty, maybe it’s a good idea to start thinking how you could implement them into your social activity. Take a look at the brilliant “Shooting Star” campaign from Cola Cola. Genius!


Virtual Reality is unlike any other media we have experienced. Even more powerful than 360 video, through the use of a headset, VR places the viewer inside the video, so they feel a part of what they are watching. A completely immersive experience, VR connects consumers with brands on a whole new level. It can be so realistic, you might even forget you aren’t really there, which can be quite embarrassing when people start to record you…



It can be quite hard to implement VR into your brand, unless it has an aspect that can utilize it successfully. We think it could work really well for travel agents looking to inspire travellers, film studios for trailers, nightclubs for promo and a whole host of industries that seek to offer an “experience”. VR studio have had massive success, teaming up with global media outlets such as the New York Times, VICE and National Geographic to document some of the worlds hardest-hitting stories on a more personal level, including a video which explores the damage pollution has caused to our coral reefs and an exploration of the devastating effects of war.

We love the sound all these new technologies – they certainly show the rate media is developing. However, fitting drones into our strategy will be quite the challenge!

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