Any brand or marketer knows by now that social media isn’t going away. Having a presence on the correct platforms is undeniably necessary to be successful, however simply having a presence isn’t alone enough. In an ever-changing industry it’s important to keep up to date and stay ahead.

In the past few years we’ve seen the rise in popularity of instagram, sharing GIFs and videos, unique snapchat filters and sponsored ads. Here’s 4 trends that are hot right now…

 Authentic Content (Live Streaming)

Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image posts combined. The introduction of Periscope allowing live videos to be streamed took the social video hype to the next level, giving viewers real and authentic content. Periscope was soon taken over by Twitter, and Facebook and Instagram introduced their own versions of live streaming.

Social Media users have quickly become fascinated with the unedited content and show more engagement with live videos than any other content format. Facebook Live has shown to receive 10x more comments than static posts, as viewers tune in to see what really goes on.

So what does this mean for brands? Live videos are a way to share your personality and truly engage with customers. They can be used in a number of ways, whether it be streaming and event or launching a product demo, viewers will enjoy feeling involved.

Social Media E-Commerce

Selling your products on social media is quickly becoming a no-brainer. Call to action buttons such as ‘Buy Now’ make it easier than ever for customers to make a purchase when browsing social feeds for inspiration.

However, it’s not a simple case of uploading your product and hoping people click to buy. Users need to see interesting content and interact with brands. Think gift ideas, lifestyle images, product demos – something to engage your customers interest and make them want to click and buy. For example – when shopping online for clothes we’re more likely to purchase a top that is shown to be worn as an outfit, than placed on it’s own.

Social E-Commerce speeds up the process of buying. This makes it more likely for a customer to click through and complete their transaction.

 Social Messaging

Considered to be a replacement to text, social messaging platforms have in the past been overlooked. With WhatsApp, WeChat and Messenger having over 4 billions users worldwide, it is now a key part to future marketing strategies.

Facebook Messenger has become increasingly available across brand’s profiles, enabling customers to interact 1 on 1 with the brands and changing the way customer service is done. There’s no more being on hold or waiting for an email response, questions and issues can be solved within minutes, keeping customers happy.

Social Influencers

47% of social users use ad blocks to stop seeing those ‘annoying ads’. A better marketing approach is to use a high level influencer to talk about your products, and this is something that has definitely increased in 2017 with more than 84% of marketers planning to use influencer marketing campaigns.

The use of influencers helps a brand to create authentic content which will attract new customers and build trust with their audiences.  Customer experiences aren’t interrupted by paid ads, instead brands and products appear amongst organic content creating a more pleasurable experience. It’s also a great way to improve SEO – the more mentions your brand gets on social media, the higher you rank in search engines.

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