The power of video

Youtube needs to watch out, there are a few new players in the video world. With the introduction of IGTV and Facebook Watch in the last few months, it’s clear that video is becoming a powerful and influential tool in the digital world.


Earlier this year, Instagram launched IGTV, directly competing with YouTube and Snapchat. Simply click on the little TV icon in the top right corner of your Insta home screen, or download the app. The platform allows users to upload and watch videos from 15 seconds to up to an hour long, prioritising long form content.

IGTV is built for vertical video, so keep this in mind when filming your next product/project. Brands could use this to create an online mini series, or regular behind-the-scenes clips to share with fans, and once a video has been uploaded, you can link it to your Instagram story. It’s a fantastic way to get people to your website, as clickable links can be added to video descriptions, offering a way to generate sales for example. At the moment there are no adverts on the platform, but in the next few months as the audience grows, we predict this to change.

 Facebook Watch

This month saw the launch of Facebook Watch, a video-streaming service along the lines of YouTube and Netflix. The US had already been using it for a year, until the roll out worldwide on Wednesday. The service allows creators and publishers to stream short-form and high-end original video content to a more tailored audience, using ad breaks to monetise videos. Partners produce the content for the social giant, so it’s not something brands can get involved with as easily as IGTV.

The platform offers a real sense of community, with users encouraged to add comments and connect with friends and other viewers while watching the videos. Rather than a passive experience, it’s encouraging a two-way conversation that brings people together. You can find it in the main Facebook app, and you can view it through a number of Smart TV apps. Could it become as popular as Netflix? We’ll have to wait and see.



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