WWF create fake luxury brand ‘Ivory Lane’ to anger the public against poachers

Wildlife conservation charity WWF pulled a stunt in Singapore in August to highlight loopholes in their laws that still allow for the sale of ivory! They catfished the country through advertising a fake luxury pro-ivory brand which provoked a national outcry.

While ivory imports were banned almost three decades ago, ivory that arrived in Singapore before 1990 can still legally be sold, and the product is still being smuggled in and sold using this legal loophole. As a result 13tonnes have been seized in the country in the last 18 years. Research shows only 8% of people in Singapore understood the current legislation on ivory. Half of the respondents even thought that the trade of elephant ivory is already banned in Singapore.

The campaign did its job and provoked a large response on social media

When the jig was up, WWF had to come out and address its captive audience with the truth. It claimed to have reached 250,000 people and generated 65,000 reactions within six days! The stunt even gained some international media coverage including BBC news expanding that reach further!


Snapchat launches ecommerce partnership with Adidas

Snapchat has partnered with Adidas this month to promote the release of the new ‘Falcon W’ trainer through a Snapchat show! The focus was on presenting Adidas consumers with a unique brand experience on a social platform they value. For Adidas, working with Snapchat and choosing to announce the shoe on this particular show aligned with their goals of targeting a younger audience.

Users watching the show could swipe up and buy the shoe through the app with the ecommerce buying experience powered by Shopify. According to Adidas, the company had a 100 percent sell-through rate in under 6 hours!

This ecommerce play from Snapchat is the latest in a string of releases the company’s done to show it’s still a place for brands and celebrities to connect with audiences alongside the current monopoly platform Instagram!


Game of Thrones’ The Mountain channels his inner Colonel Sanders in KFC world record stunt

Game of Thrones actor Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson who plays The Mountain Gregor Clegane has become the latest addition to KFC’s list of actors to play their mascot and founder Colonel Sanders.

Bjormsson has traded in his golden armour for Colonel Sander’s iconic white suit and alongside promoting the new ‘Double Crispy Colonel Sandwitch’ the actor also set a new world record for pulling the most Double Crispy Colonel Sandwiches across a room. Of course, he is probably the only person to ever attempt hauling such a large volume (700 pounds) of KFC goods but we’re still impressed! KFC shared the stunt on their social channels in early august, you can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGmmtf9qa-k

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