If you work in a busy design, marketing or PR agency  you’ll know just how important it is to stay organised and do your best not to get too stressed out. I’m Sarah, a senior account manager at Lenny. It’s my job to ensure we stay on top of all the accounts and that our clients and colleagues are happy.

Below are a few hints and tips that I hope will give you a helping hand when things get a little busy (all day, every day!):


I live and breathe my work diary. I plan it for the week ahead so that I’m on top of everything, don’t miss out on editorial opportunities, and keep in line with the schedule of work we have. It makes me happy when the ticks start appearing.


Make sure you’re on top of the industry news your clients specialise in, so that you can be proactive and tap into stories where relevant. It’s also good to share topics that will be of interest. For example, the recent news about Facebook changing its algorithm will impact on a few of our clients.

Google Drive

This is a new found love for me, introduced by our very own Beth. If you ever share documents regularly with colleague/clients, this amazing and free web-based application allows you to edit documents/sheets/slides online and offline.  This works particularly well when you’re on a train with wifi that doesn’t work (we’ve all been there.)


Don’t constantly check your inbox, as it can reduce your productivity if you’re dipping in and out of something you’re working on. Check them at least once an hour to make sure you pick up on anything important.


Try your best to put things labelled and in the right folders, so it’s easy for other colleagues to find documents/images they may need. I’ve been guilty of this in the past, and it turns into a nightmare when you need to find that doc that you can’t quite remember the name of.


Have a desk clear out at least once a month to make sure you only have the folders/docs you know you will refer to on a regular basis. Otherwise you’ll get mountains of paperwork you don’t actually need, and it’ll take you quite a while to sift through it all.

If you’ve got any organisation tips, let us know!

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