Over 3 billion people use social media all over the world[1], so it’s no wonder brands utilise the digital space to amplify events. It’s a great way to promote what’s coming up, drive conversation and ultimately increase ticket sales.

It’s all about the planning

To build a successful event you need to create a buzz around it. Don’t make assumptions around the social platforms you think your audience use, do the research and target your fans in the right places.

Drive attendance through social advertising

Whether your audience tends to stick to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it’s worth putting money behind posts to increase the visibility of your event. On Facebook make sure you geo-target your ads to ensure people within the area are aware of what’s going on.

Clear call to action

It can get confusing if you’re talking about key speakers, encouraging people to buy tickets and creating conversation with fans all in one post. Make sure each social post has a key call to action so that your fans know what they need to do.

Use the events function on Facebook

If your fans primarily use Facebook it’s worth adding the event to the platform. Why? With Facebook’s calendar connection, most people have their Facebook events connected to their phones, making it the perfect way to get users’ attention and keep it.


Widen the reach of posts using hashtags. This allows the content to be seen by a wide number of audiences with similar interests. Keep them unique and shareable.

Be creative

User generated content is key. Whether you decide to have props and photo frames at your event, or encourage the use of a hashtag, it’s all about creating conversation

[1] https://thenextweb.com/contributors/2017/08/07/number-social-media-users-passes-3-billion-no-signs-slowing/#.tnw_Oi2CUuNd

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