“I’m standing on the sidewalk of a busy city, I look behind me and there’s a lift. I step inside and press the button for the top floor labeled ‘The Plank’, the doors close and I’m going up. My heart is pounding and my hands are sweaty as the doors open and all I can see is a 6ft long wooden plank about 1ft wide coming out of the lift.

I take 2 steps forward and I’m standing on it, my legs start to shake as a helicopter flies by just in front of me, so close I can nearly touch it. I’m as high up as a skyscraper, I step forward a few more steps and I’m starting to wobble. I can here the wind whistling in my ears and cars down below on the busy streets, I question if I am actually stood on a plank of wood about 2000 ft in the air?

It’s time to step off but my head is saying ‘no, you can’t do it’, I tell myself ‘it’s not real’ but still hold back. Then I take the step off, I’m falling back down to the sidewalk where I started. I hit the floor and everything goes white!”

Having experienced VR recently at VR Immersion in West Yorkshire, I have to say the whole experience is mind blowingly brilliant and so much fun for all the family, no matter what age you are. There’s no better way to escape from reality for an hour by trying this out. Go on, immerse yourself in the next generation of games and take that step into the future.

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