What is viral video?

We hear the term ‘going viral’ all the time in this industry. It’s the dream of all social media managers, brands and agencies alike, as well as those who want to rise to stardom with their 30 minutes of fame. Think the Walmart yodelling kid, “Damn, Daniel” and King Curtis.

Only a matter of years ago, in order to go ‘viral’ a video only had to rack up 1,000,0000 views. In the scheme of things and the rise of social sharing, 1 mil isn’t really that much. It’s the videos that top 10 million, 100 million or even 5.9 billion like the Despacito video, which broke the record for the most watched YouTube video ever. These videos are shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram hundreds of thousands of times, made into memes and make national news.

Unlike Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, overnight sensations need never reach this level of viewers in order to become globally recognised. So, what does it take to be a cut above the rest?


Scrolling through Facebook has become less about seeing who’s checked in at Burger King or that your second cousin has got engaged again. At least, for us millennials it’s a hub of stupid but highly addictive memes and videos. Kids and animals are best at this.


The time your boyfriend got that ridiculous haircut, the time your colleague fell flat on her face in public or the time your dog was completely spooked by a random piece of veg, there is a video for every funny fail. One does not simply scroll past a video which has scope to embarrass your friend.

Current affairs

The one with Theresa May and the fields of wheat. The one with the highly serious national TV interview about South Korean politics and a gate-crashing toddler. Heck, even the one where the GC fell through the stage at the BBC Teen Awards. Anything accidental that happens on TV is bound to make the viral list. It’s even better when it’s live. Amanda Holden, we’re looking at you.


Turning something otherwise boring into a barrel of laughs, CasetteBoy style. Wonder what Will & Harry spoke about before Meghan arrived at the Royal Wedding? Now you know.

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