With over 800 million active users, there’s no question that this platform is the social place to be. Here’s the latest of what’s going down on Instagram.


300 millions users are active on Instagram Stories, so it would be silly for any brand to not be attempting to utilise these. The platform recently rolled out new types available on the story, and also the option to share just text without an image or video – ideal for getting important messages across. It now also doesn’t matter what size the image is that you want to upload, as Instagram resize this to fit the screen.


The dreaded algorithm change of Facebook has now unsurprisingly made its way over to Instagram too. The Instagram feed is no longer chronological, meaning on average only 10% of your audience actually sees your post. The way to combat this? Engagement, of course. The key social word of 2018. Instagram will reward posts with higher engagement (likes, comments, views, saves, shares) and place them higher up the feed. But be careful not to click-bait, as Facebook is currently cracking down on this meaning it won’t be long until Instagram is too.


Hallelujah, third party tools such as Hootesuite, Buffer and Later now allow you to schedule your posts in advance. No more taking time out of your evenings to post from your brands accounts.

Profile Bio

You can now add clickable hashtags and profile links into your bio, which is awesome for any sub brands you may have, any partnerships/influencers you may want to link to, or any campaigns you’re currently running.

Shoppable Posts

Finally available in the UK, brands can now tag their products in their posts directly from their Facebook shop. Did someone say “my bank account is in danger” ?

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